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Episode #31 - April 2022 Updates

Carol and Travis talk about Google updates that were announced/released in April 2022. Show Notes / Resources: Chrome OS v. 100 - New app launcher, make edits during voice dictation, create GIF with built-in camera Create externally friendly booking pages with appointment scheduling in Google Calendar Google Meet video chats will be available directly in Docs Start a new Google Meet by typing "" New Emoji reactions in Google Docs on web More assistive writing suggestions in Google Docs

Episode #1 - Dena Dellere

Dena Dellere is a creative and self-motivated Innovative Technology Integrationist with a passion for helping our teachers, students, parents and community gain the skills they will use throughout school, college, and careers. Her background is in teaching and technology support plus technology sales.

Dena’s certifications include Google Administrator, Google Educator Level I and II, and Google for Education Certified Trainer, Screencastify Certified, Wakelet Ambassador.

Dena and her husband reside in rural Selden, KS where we farm and ranch. They have two adult daughters that have pursued careers in nursing and accounting and our adult son helps on the farm. Dena’s absolute joys in the world are her granddaughter and two grandsons.

Show Notes

One of my passions is Digital Citizenship and showing teachers how they can help educate students by utilizing Google Apps for Education. ISTE has adopted the Digital Citizen Pledge for students created by DigCitCommit and in my opinion, it helps us turn the corner as educators.  It leads us down the path where we educate students on how to be good digital citizens by focusing on what students can do rather than they don’t. Google Apps for Education has some hidden gems that can help guide students and teachers.
  • Explore” for images in Google Slides, 
    • Creating Master Slides for first graders using their sight words.
    • 6th Grade Social Studies - adding images for vocab/new terms
  • Explore” for citations in Google Docs, 
  • and then having discussions with students on copyright. Check out Tip 5.
    • Utilize the Question in Google Classroom to test knowledge.
  • Next having students give feedback to students utilizing the “Comment” section of the Google Apps.
    • This or That to review new information and students use the comment if they agree or disagree and WHY.
  • Post/Comment in Google Classroom in Stream, Assignment, etc.
    • Empower students to be engaged - WHY NOT Post in Stream - Have a designated Announcer and rotate.
    • Assignment category - ask three then me - Q&A
  • Set the expectations like utilizing the Oreo Cookie Method and coach those not using appropriately.
  • Be Internet Awesome/PearDeck can help students learn about being informed, balanced, and alert.
  • Social Media Templates for students under 13 to tie curriculum content to social media platforms that students are already familiar with.
  • Chrome Tab Groups
    • Right-click a tab > Add Tab to a New Group > Name Group & choose Color Code
    • Close a group
    • Ungroup
    • Adjust Chrome Settings for After Startup to resume where you left off


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