Episode #2 - Tim Vesco

Listen to Tim Vesco share about the origins of KSEdChat and EdCampKS. He also shares his, and his district’s, journey through the KSDE Redesign process.

Tim is a 4th-grade teacher at Frank Layden Elementary in Frontenac, Kansas.  This is his 20th year teaching.  Tim was a 2016 Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee.  He received the 2017 Crawford County Teacher of the Year Award.  Tim has also been recognized  #ksedchat Moderator, #EdCampKS Organizer.  Tim lives in Frontenac, Kansas with his wife.

Show Notes

#ksedchat is every Monday night at 8:00 pm CST. on Twitter.

Follow Tim Vesco on Twitter at @mrvesco

Follow Edcamp Kansas on Facebook.  Search for EdCampKS

Ron Clark Academy - https://ronclarkacademy.com/

KSDE Kansas Can School Redesign Project


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