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Episode #34 - Updates, MagicSchool & QuestionWell

In today's episode, Carol and Travis share updates, 50+ content creation tools for teachers in , and how to generate questions for severely popular quizzing tools using .

Episode #4 - Jerri Kemble


Jerri Kemble has been a public school educator for three decades serving as a teacher, school counselor, K-12 principal, assistant superintendent, and district superintendent. She has a successful track record of disrupting the status quo and working with stakeholders to create positive change. Jerri has received numerous awards for her seasoned leadership, including Kansas School Counselor of the Year, eSchool News Tech-Savvy Superintendent, Kansas State University's Educational Administration Student of the Year, and most recently Tech and Learning Magazine's Technology Leader of the Year. Whatever task is given to Jerri, she does it with a warm Midwestern smile, grace, and a tireless work ethic.

Jerri Kemble's most potent asset is her ability to work with a diverse group of people, connecting them to other passionate and imaginative people. She is an exuberant presenter and has trained teachers and administrators throughout the United States. In 2017 she was invited to Shanghai to teach STEM and Social-Emotional Learning to teachers, students, and parents. In January 2020 she spent time in Kenya, Africa working with schools on global collaboration and supporting the telemedicine program initiated to bring health care to rural African villages.

Jerri Kemble has been invited to the White House on three occasions. Twice to share her knowledge with Vice President Joe Biden's top aides on virtual education and to attend President Obama's rollout of the Future Ready Initiative for Schools. Jerri pioneered the Kansas Online Learning Program to provide virtual education opportunities for students in kindergarten through 12th grade and to adults wishing to receive a high school diploma. Mrs. Kemble has also served as an adjunct professor providing graduate-level courses in educational technology and leadership.

Most recently, Jerri has been involved with the Kansas School Redesign Project. As part of the original Redesign Think Tank, she helped generate ideas for the Kansas Commissioner of Education. She has worked with the Think Wrong Institute to redesign schools by utilizing the design thinking process. This work focuses on today's students and building the skills they will need for their future.

Jerri Kemble is now serving as the National Advisor and Evangelist for ClassLink. 

Show Notes

A great resource Classlink created with COSN, SEDTA, AASA to assist districts as they oscillate back and forth in-person, to remote, to blended learning. Very useful and robust. We get great reviews on the usefulness of this resource and tool;


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