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Episode #34 - Updates, MagicSchool & QuestionWell

In today's episode, Carol and Travis share updates, 50+ content creation tools for teachers in , and how to generate questions for severely popular quizzing tools using .

Episode #32 - WE ARE BACK Summer 2023 Updates


The 2022/2023 school year was filled with many personal and professional challenges for us, but WE ARE BACK. Episode #32 focuses on Google Updates that were released over the summer of 2023. 

Show Notes / Resources:

Google Slides Annotation Add annotations to your presentations in Google Slides

Google Docs Pageless page setup Change a document’s page setup: pages or pageless - Computer - Google Docs Editors Help 

Google Docs “Help Me Write” A.I. Write with AI in Google Docs 

Google Slides - “Help Me Visualize” A.I. 

Google Classroom turn off assignment submissions 

Google Classroom - Comments rich text (is this new, new?) 


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